Monday, 3 October 2011

Who are Exotica Escorts

Exotica Escorts was created by Sharon and Tara both Australian ladies who have been in the Escort world for many years.
They have worked as Escorts in Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane as well as Overseas.

Both felt there was a need for an Escort Site that catered for the needs of the Escorts as well as the clients and it was for this reason they decided to launch Exotica Escorts.

Although the site is up with beautiful Escorts listed in all states the features are as yet not complete several more features are being created including a forum and reviews pages.

Exotica has listings for Male to Female Escorts, Male to Male Escorts, Transexual Escorts, Dominatrix and of cause the beautiful Ladies with some even catering to males and females.

If you would like to join Exotica's list of Stunning Escorts please go to to the "contact us" page and send an e mail you will be contacted for further information.

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